Why Security Is Critical to Have in Department Stores

Being in charge of loss prevention, security, or upper management in a department store can come with a variety of responsibilities. One of the responsibilities is ensuring merchandise gets paid for and customers and employees alike remain safe. For many in this position, it seems like minimal security will do. The thing is, security is critical in department stores, and that’s what we’re looking to break down here! Read on to see why.

Customer and Employee Safety

No matter what kind of business you own, customer and employee safety is incredibly important. This is especially so for department stores due to the large staff and number of customers throughout. Department stores are many people’s first stop for a number of products. Clothing, furniture, cosmetics, electronics, and home appliances are just a handful of things department stores specialize in. Because department stores make these things easy to get all in one place, they’re incredibly popular.

Incredibly popular means a lot of customers and a lot of staff to keep things in order. In the case of an emergency, such as a robbery, proper alarms and cameras are vital. They inform police of an emergency promptly and ensure the perpetrator is caught even if they manage to escape the store.

One of the most useful alarms in the situation of an armed robbery is an under-the-counter button. One of the most targeted areas in a department store is the jewelry counter. Keeping an alarm under the counter for staff is a huge boost in safety. While they cooperate with the thief to maintain their safety, they can alert the police of an emergency. This alarm will give no signal to the thief of having been tripped. Meanwhile, authorities are on the way to take action.


When people so frequently get away with shoplifting, it’s no wonder stores lose billions of dollars each year to theft. Security will save you the losses by ensuring shoplifters are caught before they get away with merchandise. Cameras provide evidence to the police when they arrive, but that’s not their only perk.

Having visible cameras in your store works as a great deterrent for shoplifting. After all, someone just looking to score some nice makeup or a bottle of booze will think twice if they know they’re likely to get caught.

Escalation in Retail Crime

One of the reasons shoplifting has become such an issue is due to a rise in organized retail crime. Because it’s so easy to make money by selling things online these days, shoplifting can turn into a living.

One of the most targeted products in department stores is high-end makeup. That’s because people are looking to buy it online all the time. It’s incredibly easy to sell. There’s no need to make sure it fits, like clothing, and can be an easy impulse purchase for many. Nice makeup is small, making it easy to slip into a purse or pocket. Not to mention, it has a high resale value

Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as locking away jewelry and makeup. Expensive, everyday products like baby formula and cosmetic razors are also stolen at high volumes. That’s because poverty makes these items hard to afford. It’s best to keep a close eye on everything and the best way you can do that is with tight security. Contact us at Engineered Alarm Solutions to find out more.

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