Home Security Systems

Home security systems are a key part of protecting your home and family.  At Engineered Alarm Solutions, our security professionals will help you find the best solution for your home based on your unique budget and situation.

If you need a burglary alarm system to alert you and the authorities when someone breaks into your home, we have the devices that can guarantee you the most peace of mind.

If you need a security camera to help you monitor your home and entrance, we have the latest technology, ready to go.

If you need an intercom to allow you to communicate with people at your front door from a more secure location, we can hook up a great system for you.

If you’re looking for home automation to have all of your home security and electrical systems working in perfect harmony, we have the systems that will perform the best.

We can install carbon monoxide detectors, smoke detectors and flood detectors, all in contact with our monitoring station.  When you’re at work or on vacation, this remote monitoring can ensure that help arrives before a fire or flood is noticeable from the outside, protecting the lives of your pets and your treasured property.

Our 24/7 monitoring program will keep a watch over your home and possessions, giving you an added level of security.  We’ll always be working, watching over your premises, even when you can’t be there.

Studies have shown that most break-ins in Ontario occur in private residences.  Each year, there are more than 50,000 break-ins around the province, and more than 60 percent of them occur in residences.  Criminals seek out unsecured properties, hoping for a quick score of expensive electronic devices, jewelry and money.  A home security system can provide a deterrent from burglars even targeting your home, and surveillance to help identify and catch thieves if they do strike.

We’re your top choice for home security systems in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area.  You want to ensure that your home and your loved ones are protected.  Our experts are standing by, waiting to answer any questions or concerns you have about our systems, as well as providing free quotations.  Contact us today at (416) 697-7329.