Personnel Alarm Solutions for Department Stores

Department stores are great for consumers to shop for a large variety of products all in one place. This can mean clothes shopping, stocking up on housing essentials, or picking out accessories for a special occasion. The variety in each store’s products, however, means there’s usually something worth stealing. Some department stores offer jewelry, a magnet for crime. This means a potential risk to the safety of personnel, especially in the early and late hours of work when there aren’t as many shoppers around.

How Injury Affects the Company

Threats to staff members’ personal safety are not only a risk to them. An employee’s safety is a benefit to their employer. No injury means no lawsuit, no paid recovery time, and no hospital bills for which the company is responsible. If safety precautions are in place, in the case of an incident, a happy ending will bode well for the integrity of the employer and lead to a good reputation for caring about staff safety.

Hidden Alarm Buttons

How can we keep personnel safe from the risks of working with expensive merchandise? Things will be kept from turning dangerous if police are notified quickly by an alarm. The most common type of personnel alarm is a button on the underside of a counter.

In the case of a robbery, as soon as it’s clear there’s a threat to the staff or the store’s patrons, an employee can reach for the alarm trigger and silently alert the authorities or any on-site security. Pressing the button can also be done in the process of retrieving valuables for someone with a weapon. The silent alarm will bring the situation to the attention of only those who can help without alerting the thief that there is help on the way.

Security Cameras

Security cameras are also a valuable tool in these situations. The recordings they offer might contain valuable information about a thief that patrons or staff would miss while panicked. Should a criminal successfully pull off their heist, the video evidence might aid in catching them after the fact. It could betray key identifiers such as their height, weight, or any part of their face left uncovered.

Current technology also allows for immediate facial recognition. Anyone who doesn’t fit in to a database of previously stored faces will set off an alarm. Facial recognition will notice a thief who tries to break in after hour. Predetermined stakeholders can then take the appropriate action and ensure the company is properly defended.

While we might not be able to make stores totally immune to crime, we can take steps to improve the safety of patrons and personnel in the case of an incident.

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