This School Year, Give Your Family a Security Upgrade

With the beginning of the school year approaching, there are a large number of things to do. From back-to-school shopping to planning for the year ahead, things can get really busy. Here’s something you may not have considered: the beginning of the school year is a great time to get a security upgrade. Here’s why.

Away from Home

The school year is the time when the most members of the household are away from home. With the kids at school and one or both parents leaving the house for work, the crime rate rises. While the stereotype of home robbery is that it happens at night, that’s not actually true. Most home robberies happen during standard work and school hours.

While you and your kids are away from home during the school year, you should have security. The ability to leave home knowing that your belongings and property are safe is a basic need. Protect your home. During the most vulnerable time of the year, consider getting a security upgrade.

Growing Kids

With your kids getting older, they’re only growing more and more competent about technology. Around the age of 10, your kids are old enough and experienced enough to understand how to disarm a home security system. Installing an alarm and teaching your kids how to put in the security code is easy. Any kid who’s old enough to let themselves in can do it. It’s easier to relax if your kids get home before you when you know that they’re in a secure house.

A Step Further

You can even invest in home automation and access your security system from your phone. If you have an alarm installed, you’ll know immediately if it gets tripped. Security cameras can be accessed right from the palm of your hand. Want to know if your kids got home from school okay? Check the camera feed at the time they usually arrive home.

This is especially useful if you tend to leave the house quickly or worry about locked doors. If you’re unsure whether you locked the door or set the alarm, you can check from your phone. Easily do both of these remotely when you arrive at work or, if you’re not driving, during your commute.


The school year does mean that people are out of the house more, but school isn’t the only thing motivating theft. The winter holidays cause a huge spike in theft and home robberies. As you might expect, the popular holiday of Christmas is a sure sign that most people have brand new products sitting around under their tree. Because Christmas trees are often placed near windows, this is a prime theft opportunity.

Intruders can easily see which houses are celebrating the holiday by seeing a tree decorated by the front window. This is especially easy by making a quick walk-through of a neighborhood at night when everything is lit up. The next day, when everyone is out of the house, they can make quick work of stealing hundreds of dollars worth of gifts. These unopened products can be resold online for a huge profit. Not to mention anything else they liked the look of while they were in your home.

If you want to invest in a security upgrade this school year, contact us at Engineered Alarm Solutions. We’re happy to help you figure out the best solution for your home security system.

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