Safety and Security in Assisted Living Facilities: Part 1

Assisted living facilities are so important to the elderly community. They allow those in need of minimal help to live in their own apartment while still getting assistance where needed. The thing is, even if some of the elderly are independent enough to have their own living space, they’re vulnerable. Vulnerable to what? Let’s take a look at why it’s necessary to have security in assisted living facilities.


The elderly are especially vulnerable to theft. We’re not talking about breaking and entering. It’s actually incredibly common for residents of assisted living facilities to have things stolen from them. Because the staff of the facilities have access to each room, there’s little stopping them from entering a room and taking what they want. Small items like jewelry or electronics are easy to slip into a pocket and remove without anyone noticing right away.

Staff aren’t the only ones guilty of stealing from residents. Anyone on an approved visitor list, such as family, can also steal from their elderly relatives. You might not think family would stoop to this level, but it happens all the time. If someone drops by while their relative is out of the apartment, they can take whatever they want without most people questioning their actions.


The elderly are also at risk of being abused. As unfortunate as this truth is, elder abuse is not uncommon. Staff at these facilities are in a position of power over a vulnerable population. Any of the staff of an assisted living facility who are not working their just for compassionate reasons could be guilty of elder abuse. This ranges from name calling, refusing to help with something a resident needs help with, neglect, and a number of other things.

Security Cameras

These two things, primarily, are why security in assisted living facilities is so important. While security inside a resident’s apartment is their own business, having cameras that cover each entryway is important. Being able to see at what times someone entered or left an apartment is potentially enough information to substantiate a claim.

Security cameras are great for multiple reasons. For one, residents will feel safer knowing there is less chance of theft or abuse with cameras around. The other thing is, in the case of a false claim against staff, cameras can prove someone’s innocence. No matter how you look at it, with the facilities being liable in case of illegal activity, cameras go a long way.

Access Control Systems

While access control systems are typically used for offices, they can also be used for assisted living facilities. The ability to lock and unlock a large number of doors with access keys or codes is what matters here. Secure access to staff-only areas or even the apartments themselves ensures no one goes wandering where they don’t belong.

If you’d like to learn about more ways assisted living facilities can benefit from safety and security measures, check out part 2. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at Engineered Alarm Solutions. We look forward to hearing from you.

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