Safety and Security in Assisted Living Facilities: Part 2

In our last article, we talked a little bit about the risks elderly residents of assisted living facilities face. We also talked about how security cameras and access control can help limit these risks. However, there are even more ways Engineered Alarm Solutions can help with safety and security in assisted living facilities. Let’s see what else we have to offer.


One thing that any assisted living facility can benefit from is an intercom system. That’s because easier communication is important when residents have limited mobility. Residents can request help, check on their next medication dose, or ask questions right from their room. Nurses and other staff can benefit from these as well, communicating with each other or residents when needed.

Medical Alert Systems

Medical alert systems – or personal emergency response systems(PERS) – are a great way to keep the elderly safe. These devices make communication between an at-risk, elderly individual and emergency services easy and quick. In case of a bad fall, heart attack, stroke, or other life-threatening emergency, any elderly individual wearing a PERS can get immediate help.

PERS are responsible for saving countless lives. Did you know that even a difference of a few minutes can be the difference between recovery from an emergency and death? Time is vital to ensuring the safety of at-risk individuals. Because of that, we highly recommend elderly residents of assisted living facilities use these. The facility themselves can distribute these to their residents, ensuring each resident is the safest they can be.

Intrusion Detection Systems

Assisted living facilities aren’t much different from apartments and, just like apartments, they’re not immune to break-ins. So, intrusion detection systems are worth consideration as they arm windows with sensors. Any unexpected movement in front of these sensors will set off an alarm. Should anyone try to break in through a window, the alarm will go off, alerting the resident, and potentially the staff, of a break-in.

A Solution For You

Improving security in assisted living facilities is possible, no matter what kind of assisted living facility you run.. Engineered Alarm Solutions specializes in making individualized security solutions for each of our clients. If you’re interested in what we have to say about your facility and how its security could be improved, contact us. We look forward to hearing from you and having the opportunity to keep your facility’s security at its best.

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