Why Your Smart Home Needs an Intercom System

Why Your Smart Home Needs an Intercom System

Today, modern homes are an extension of the smart, connected lifestyles we lead. Cutting-edge technology has enabled the smart home where everything is automated and connected, be it your lighting, heating, sound or security systems. And one thing that takes your smart home to the next level is the smart home intercom system. With WIFI connectivity, built-in cameras and a host of cool features, the new-age smart intercom systems are just what you need in your smart home. Here’s why:   


A home intercom system provides peace of mind with an extra layer of security in your smart home. Apart from seamless communication within the home, smart intercoms with doorbell video units allow you to see and interact with visitors at your front door. Smart integration of the intercom with your home security system, helps you make the best use of technology!     

Enhanced Communication 

Installing home intercom systems facilitates communication and connectivity within your home. No yelling at the top of your voice, with the push of a button(or a seamless voice command!) you can instantly communicate with family members in any part of the house. With web-based IP-enabled intercom units, you can communicate with your family from any part of the house or even across the town!  

Monitoring the Young and Elderly 

Home Intercoms are a blessing for households with very young children, the elderly and people with special needs. One can easily keep an eye on babies or check-in on elders from any part of the home. With internet-enabled video intercoms, elders can join the family conversation from the comfort of their bed and stay connected. They are also indispensable as a medical alert device, especially with old or differently-abled people in the house. 


There’s no denying the fact that home intercom systems are super convenient. One doesn’t need to look through the peephole or get up to answer the doorbell. You can check on visitors remotely, and even unlock the front door with smart door release systems! Apart from freedom from yelling to call family members, the two-way intercom systems are also easy to use for the less tech-friendly members of the household.  

Musically Yours 

With the latest home intercom systems, you can play music in any part of the house with Bluetooth connectivity or using wired connections to your music system. Music on-demand is literally on your fingertips!  

Undoubtedly,  the new age home intercom systems add a potent punch to your smart home. The humble intercom has evolved into a state-of-the-art automated system that can provide seamless integration with water meters, switches and other smart appliances. Convenience, added security and productivity make the intercom a must-have in your smart home!  

Need help with choosing the right home intercom system

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