Why Your Second Floor isn’t Immune to Break-Ins

A very common misconception is that the second floor is off-limits to break-ins. People frequently leave their balcony doors, bedroom windows, and so on unlocked and available for anyone who’s willing to put in the work to reach them. Don’t be fooled into thinking that no one will put in that work, because it happens all the time. We at Engineered Alarm Solutions are here today to talk about the dangers of second-floor break-ins.

A Life of Crime

For a lot of burglars, breaking into homes is formulaic. First, they find a home with no security. Those are easy enough to find. Next, they watch the house until they have a general idea of the inhabitants’ schedule. That lets them know when the house will be empty. Next, they pick a day and time when the house is usually empty and they break in.

Do you have no security and tend to leave second floor windows and doors unlocked? You can be sure that the burglar watching your house has taken note of that. That’s an easy entrance for future break-ins. With no cameras and no need to break a window, you may not even notice your home has been robbed. It’s easy enough to target jewelry and cash stashes rather than large electronics. Picking less noticeable valuables ensures the burglar gets away with anywhere between days and weeks to cover their trail.

Gaining Access

You may wonder, how would someone get in through a second floor window? The truth is, it’s not as hard as it seems, especially for someone with practice. Second floor windows with a roof below them can be accessed easily. The burglar needs only to get onto the roof. There are plenty of places where a roof can be accessed.

  • Climbing atop a fence that meets the side of the house can make climbing onto the roof a breeze.
  • Using sturdy outdoor garbage cans can also give a leg up for someone willing to climb.
  • A trellis alongside the house may seem like only a movie trope, but it’s true that they can be climbed as well.
  • Trees next to the house can be climbed. The burglar can then use sturdy branches to get over top the roof before dropping down.
  • Practiced burglars may even bring a ladder, posing as construction crew or a contractor. This makes gaining access to the roof or balcony easy as pie.

Who would go through all that effort? A burglar promised easy access to a trove of valuables – that’s who.

Prevent Break-ins

The easiest fix for this is to start locking your second-floor windows and doors. However, that isn’t always enough. Burglars may still attempt a break-in via the second floor if they’re using guesswork as to whether the doors and windows are unlocked.

For this reason, it’s best to get a security system. Installing a proper alarm will guarantee that no matter which floor a burglar tries to get in through, you’ll be notified. Give us a call at Engineered Alarm Solutions and we’ll be happy to help you find the best solution for your budget and house.

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