Why You Need to Upgrade Old Security Systems

With some kinds of technology, there’s not a real need to replace them with every new advancement. A phone can be out of date and still perfectly functional. With other technology, however, you should keep on top of updating. This doesn’t necessarily mean buying each new update, but every few years, it’s worth checking into. The technology in question, of course, is security. Security, being so integral to a business’s success or a home’s safety, needs to remain the best it can be. Why is it that you need to upgrade old security?


That’s right. The security of your security relies on updates. That is to say, any kind of security system that stays online is liable to get hacked. Hacking isn’t just for action movies. If someone wants to break into your facility, they can hack into your security system to disable it. All they need is the right equipment and knowhow.

The older your security system is, the more likely it is that there’s a known method to get past it floating around online. Installing software updates and buying new equipment when needed is an important part of keeping things secure.


The next reason you need to upgrade your security system is due to technological advancement. While it’s sometimes not necessary to keep on top of advancement, if what you’re securing is valuable, it’s worth it. Any room or building containing administrator computers, expensive equipment, or cash should be kept under tight security.

The better your security, the better job it does. For instance, it’s indisputable that having key cards is better than having a regular lock. Key cards, like regular keys, may be possible to lose, but regular locks can be picked. Facial recognition is better than key cards because you won’t lock yourself out and strangers can’t swipe in with someone else’s card. Just as well, as new technology comes along that brings security to a new level, you should look into an upgrade.


With every year you have your security system, the more likely it is to break down or malfunction. Technology slows down after a certain amount of use. A system that’s been in place for a decade, while already being horribly behind advancement wise, is likely to lose functionality. The older a system is, the easier it is to find holes in it and the more likely it is that it won’t notice those holes being taken advantage of.

For instance, doors with static keypads will begin to wear where the code has been punched in thousands of times. Someone with a good sense of logic will have an easy time bypassing that. Newer systems of the same type will use digital keypads where the numbers change position between each entry. This ensures even wear and tear on the screen, keeping people from figuring out the passcode just by looking.

You should keep up to date on technology if you take security seriously. Engineered Alarm Solutions would be happy to help! Give us a call and we can plan a solution for your business or home to ensure you have the best security possible.

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