Why You Need More than Locks for Home Security

In this day and age, there are so many options when it comes to security solutions. Is it really worth all the hype? Why are regular locks not good enough anymore? After all, we still have deadbolts and padlocks. When did those become substandard? Let’s discuss why you need more than locks for proper home security.

Better Locks, Better Burglars

With the advancement of security, we have to keep in mind that intruders of all kinds come prepared for more. When faced with more complex locks, they learn how to disarm things faster and with more ease. While many years ago, a lock may have proven enough of an obstacle to stop a burglar, that’s not the case anymore. When locks were more effective, it was a time when many people didn’t even lock their doors. It was a toss up as to whether the house would be easy to enter or not.

Most people lock their doors nowadays due to wider news coverage of burglaries and more availability in statistics. Any burglar that doesn’t come prepared for locked doors – or even an alarm system – will walk away with nothing. It’s just par for the course these days.

Technological Advancement

With the leaps in technological advancement in the last few decades, there are so many benefits of upgrading. Not only are security systems more advanced and efficient, they’re more accessible too! If you’ve got a smartphone, many new alarm and lock systems can be controlled from an app. If you’re on vacation, you can unlock your front door for family. Left for work in a rush? Check your locks from your phone. No more worrying about coming home to a break-in with the capabilities of modern security.

Updates in Security

If you want to get more modern security, it’s important not to get the outdated versions. Because this security can be controlled from your phone, that means it’s also possible for it to be hacked. Invest in up-to-date security and you’ll have efficient and accessible locking and alarm capabilities.

Professional Uses

Owning a business comes with its own set of challenges that make a plain lock and key obsolete. Using a basic lock will do nothing to deter criminals from stealing money and wares from your business. They can be picked easily. Lock picking kits and guides can be bought for cheap on websites like Amazon, which makes them easy to obtain. Anyone can successfully break into a locked building in this day and age.

Getting a security upgrade allows you and your employees to access your business in a number of ways without compromising security. From keycards to facial recognition, modern security will ensure no one gets ahold of your key. Loose keys pose a risk to your company. An employee setting one down or losing one could mean easy access to a thief. Facial recognition or individualized pins to unlock a door means intruders can’t just finagle their way past your locked doors.

Invest in your business or home security by contacting Engineered Alarm Solutions. We’d love to help you with a solution that suits your individual security needs in Toronto.

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