Why Commercial Access Control Security Systems are Essential

Security is a crucial concern for all businesses. Protecting employees, business data, and company assets is essential for growth and business success. This is where commercial security systems play a vital role in keeping your business and workforce safe & secure. Access control systems like proximity cards, keypads, biometric readers, intruder detection systems, intercoms, and commercial security cameras form an essential part of such business security systems. These systems allow only authorized personnel to access a particular building or location, restricting unwanted intruders or visitors. Let the experts from Engineered Alarm Solutions Inc., the front runners in commercial security systems in Toronto, give a low down on why your business needs an access control system!

How Your Business Can Benefit from Commercial Access Control Systems

1. Restricting Unauthorized Visitors & Intruder Detection

Access control systems help deter and detect unauthorized personnel & intruders from entering your commercial premises. With a combination of proximity cards, keypads, biometric readers, and commercial security cameras, access control systems allow only authorized personnel access inside your business facility. The business managers and security heads can thus control entry and exit into your business facility. As the doors require identification credentials like fingerprints, key cards or passwords for admission, only people with authenticated credentials are allowed.

2. Safer Work Environment

Access control systems ensure that only trusted, and authorized personnel can enter your business premises. It gives you the freedom to conduct background checks and keep out undesirable elements. Access control and security cameras also help deter workplace violence and assault incidents. Thus, it helps promote a safe and secure work environment.

3. Deters Theft & Crime

Access control systems are considered a significant deterrent to theft and crime because they are an indication that the premises are well-protected and monitored. With controlled access, intruder alarms, and CCTV surveillance cameras, these security systems can reduce theft, vandalism, and burglary. These security systems help deter crime by creating a psychological and physical barrier to people with criminal intent. One can even control shoplifting, and inhouse theft as people know they are being monitored through CCTVs and access cards. Even inside the building, entry to certain areas can be restricted so that only trusted individuals can access high-security areas.

4. Contact-Free, Flexible, & Easy Access for Employees

Access control systems like proximity cards allow contact-free, secure, and easy access to authorized personnel. Staff can work on flexible schedules while managers can monitor remotely with the help of the management dashboard.

5. Say Goodbye to Traditional Keys

Access control systems can help you bid goodbye to the hassle of traditional locks and keys. Large buildings require many locks and keys, and often guards or janitors have to lug bulky key rings. This can be confusing and time-consuming. A modern access control system saves that confusion and time! Duplication of keys can leave you vulnerable to theft. Also, the access cards/passwords can easily be reprogrammed regularly for greater security. There is no need to change locks and keys if an employee does not turn in the keys before leaving.

Custom Access Control Security Systems from Engineered Alarm Solutions Inc.

Engineered Alarm Solutions Inc is your trusted partner for commercial security systems in Toronto and the GTA! Our trained security specialists will guide you to find the perfect access control system customized to your specific needs, budget and size. Schedule a free consultation with our experts to discuss how Engineered Alarms can help protect your business and your employees from external and internal threats.

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