What To Know Before Buying A Commercial Fire Alarm System

commercial fire alarm systemOne of the most worrying times for any business owner is when they hear fire alarms going off in their building. Even more so for the owner of an industrial facility – where livelihoods may be on the line. A commercial fire alarm system is one of the most vital security features for any building. Why? Because commercial fire alarm systems both help save the building and, most importantly, save lives. When shopping for a commercial alarm system in Toronto, there are a few factors that you should know about to ensure you the optimal commercial fire alarm system for your business.

The four major factors that should be considered are:

  1. The Place Of Use

  2. The Coverage Area

  3. The Ease of Installation

  4. Government Codes and Regulations

Place Of Use

While fire alarm systems that only detect fire, such as smoke detectors, might be well suited for residential purposes, they are only one part of a fire alarm system. Industrial and commercial buildings will require a more comprehensive commercial fire alarm system usually including sprinkler systems, pull stations, heat/smoke/carbon monoxide detectors, fire alarm bells, monitored fire alarm panels, fire alarm annunciator panels, extinguishers, emergency lights, engineering designs, fire safety plans, building permits, and third party verifications. You will need a commercial alarm system that can detect flammable agents and detect potential fire starters like chemicals, electricity, and faulty machinery.

Commercial building owners should invest in a commercial fire alarm system and a fire suppression system. This type of system will work to minimize the structural damage to your property and its contents.

The Coverage Area

For an optimal commercial fire alarm system in a Toronto Building, you should take accurate measurements of all hallways and rooms. Fire detection systems should be installed at equal intervals based on the total floors and dimensions of the building.

Customized commercial alarm systems are best suited for large commercial buildings because they have the capability to have multiple circuit boards link to different components in separate locations. Essentially, you can safely cover a large area and control and monitor it all from a central control panel.

The Ease Of Installation

While battery-powered fire alarms are fine for residential purposes, staying on top of this type of system can be cumbersome for commercial building owners.

Hard-wired commercial fire alarm systems are harder to install, but they are the best option for commercial businesses as they are far more reliable when compared to battery-powered systems. Get in touch with Engineered Alarms to schedule your commercial alarm system installation.

Government Codes And Regulations

Like any commercial system, commercial fire alarm systems in Toronto must meet a specific standard outlined in The Ontario Fire Code. It is the building owners responsibility to properly fulfil the requirements of this code. Our technicians at Engineered Alarms are all knowledgeable on our provincial regulations and can safely and professionally install your commercial fire security system to code.

Customized Commercial Alarm Solutions

When It Comes To Commercial Fire Alarms, There’s More Than Smoke Detectors – Most people are familiar with the standard smoke detectors around their home. While these can be a welcome security feature to have, they are only just one part of a fire alarm system. Smoke detectors are commonly found in offices and other small commercial buildings, but industrial or large commercial facilities often need much more than that to keep their business running smoothly. If you are looking to buy a commercial fire alarm system for your property, reach out to the experts at Engineered Alarms.

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