What Do You Do If There’s a Break-In While You’re Home?

So you’ve just gotten home from work and errands and you’re watching TV in the den. What would you do if you realized there was a break-in while you’re in the house? Many people would have no idea what to do. In such a scary situation, it’s important to have a plan of action. Engineered Alarm Solutions is here to help!

Remain Calm During the Break-In

One of the most important things in any emergency situation is to remain calm. If you panic, you’re more likely to make an impulsive decision or get hurt. Keep yourself calm and alert.

If you have other family or friends in the house, get them to stay in the same room as you. If you can tell what part of the house the burglar is in and your family members are not past the burglar, go retrieve them quietly and gather them together. Make sure you explain quietly and quickly what is going on and remind them also to remain calm. The last thing you need is someone arguing with you or panicking when there’s a break-in.

Don’t Confront the Intruder

Especially if you’re a parent, it can be tempting to confront an intruder. What you need to keep in mind is that by confronting an intruder, you’re not protecting anyone, you’re only putting yourself and your family at risk. You’re much more likely to get hurt confronting a burglar than staying out of their way.

41% of burglars said their decision to break-in was impulsive and 85% of break-ins are done by amateurs out of desperation. These two factors together mean an intruder is likely to be nervous and desperate. Together, those feelings can lead to violence. If a desperate and nervous intruder is confronted by someone, their first impulse is likely to be attacking and running. After all, they don’t want to get arrested and if they know they’ve been found out, they’ll panic.

Call the Police

While staying with your family, get out a cellphone or move to a room with a landline and call the police. The best person to deal with a break-in is a professional. They can properly handle the intruder with appropriate defenses in place. They can also ensure the intruder is handled and processed properly for their crime. Anything they’ve attempted to steal from your home will be removed from their person and returned to you.

Install Security

Once you’ve finished dealing with the break-in, you may have learned your lesson. It’s time to install some security. Even a simple home alarm system can be enough to ward off burglars. 83% of burglars specifically look for an alarm or other security before attempting to rob a place. 60% admit to changing their mind if they see there’s one installed. Security matters. Take the necessary precautions to keep your belongings and, more importantly, you and your family safe.

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