What Convicted Burglars Told Us About Avoiding Robberies

Where best to learn how to protect your home from burglars than from the burglars themselves? Here are some things you can do to protect your house from robberies!

Burglars Dress for The Occasion

When you think of a burglar, you might imagine someone dressed down in black with a ski mask on, but that’s not entirely accurate. Most robberies happen during work hours when people are outside the house. It is incredibly common for burglars to memorize a sales pitch or knock on your door under the guise of converting you to their religion. No one answering the door is a great sign you’re not home and many burglars will try the door when you don’t answer. Lock your doors and try to leave signs that someone’s in the house. TVs running will often deter a criminal who suspects you’re busy watching TV in the main room.

Keep an Eye on Service People

If you’re having something installed or serviced in your home, keep an eye on the people coming inside your house. It can be easy to sit back and wait while they work, but workers who have access to other people’s homes can be prime suspects for theft. That doesn’t mean everyone who comes to work on your pipes or fix your ceiling fan is going to be searching through your dresser drawers for valuables, but it does mean they could if they were interested. This is one way security cameras come in handy. Indoor and outdoor cameras will hold caregivers and service workers accountable without you having to hover.

Convicted robbers also admitted that if they worked in a service position, they would sometimes ask to use the washroom so they can unlock windows and back doors without anyone watching. If you don’t feel like following them suspiciously around your house, at least do yourself a favor and check all your locks once they’ve left so that they can’t return later for your valuables.

Have Your Security Pad Installed Discreetly

An easy way for a burglar to determine your house is worth the effort is seeing your alarm isn’t armed. A professionally installed monitored alarm isn’t worth anything if you’re not using it. Those burglars dressing up to give you a survey aren’t afraid of peering in the window beside your door. If they can spot your alarm system and see that it’s deactivated while you’re not home, it’s go time!

Close and Lock Your Second Floor Windows

A lot of people think it’s safe to leave their second-floor windows unlocked. It’s safe because, well, no one’s going to scale the house, right? Wrong. Burglars are not always afraid of finding a way up to the balcony or the roof by your bedroom window. As a matter of fact, if they see a window open on the second floor, you’ve become an instant target. Quick access to the master bedroom is quick access to jewelry, cash stashes, and safes. Speaking of safes, if yours isn’t bolted to the floor, that burglar might just take it with them.

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