Anytime your home is burglarized, it can be a deeply unsettling feeling. Your home is your haven. When someone invades that space, it can take awhile to recover from such a disturbing event. But fortunately, there are many steps that people can take to secure their homes. Of course, one of the best ways to protect yourself is to purchase a professional home alarm system that can alert you when your home is under imminent threat. But there are several different ways home security can be tightened. One of the ways this can be accomplished is by making your home look less appealing to thieves in clever ways that are proven to work. We’ve listed a few of those tactics here:

Be Home All the Time

By this we don’t mean that you should never take a vacation or trip. There are ways to make your home look occupied and busy even when you are away. Some of the ways to disguise your absence are to leave your interior lights on. Many home automation services will allow lights to turn on and off randomly or a timer can be installed. Another simple solution is to keep a car parked outside the home. By making it look like someone is present in the home, it can deter any potential burglaries. A very easy yet important factor that can make your home look consistently busy is to have your mail held while you are gone. There is a very simple process for this online, and you can simply pick up your accumulated post at your local post office once you return.

Let Your Neighbors and Friends Help

By letting trusted neighbors and friends know when you are going away, you can let them help your home look more active. Ask them to check in on your home once or twice a day and offer to return the favour when they are away. One of the biggest deterrents for thieves is a home that has a lot of human traffic. Additionally, nobody other than you knows your home better than your neighbors and friends. They are quickly able to see if something around your property is strange or out of order. This safety net can give an added sense of assurance that your home is as safe as possible even when you aren’t there.

Lights, Camera, Action!

If there’s one thing that burglars hate, it’s a well-lit house. Lights on your home’s exterior gives thieves little opportunity to break into your home under the cover of darkness. Not only do these lights alert you, but they can also draw the attention of neighbors or passersby who can see if someone is lurking around your property. One of the most effective types of lighting for keeping thieves away is motion-detection lighting. Shining a spotlight on some of the most vulnerable parts of your home can easily alert you or your neighbors to danger. Additionally, placing cameras in visible places around your property will give any burglar pause about breaking into your home.

There are many opportunities to prevent burglaries, but if criminals never want to approach your home in the first place you are already ahead of the game. Making your home appear less appealing to thieves is an effective method for protecting your property and family year round.