The Basics of Flood Detection

A flood can do more damage to your home than other threats monitored by an alarm system. Flood water is the silent intruder that is meticulous in its destruction. It shows no mercy for the hard work that it takes to replace carpet, baseboards, and wood paneling, to name a few things.

The Use of Sump Pumps

One measure to protect yourself can be to install a sump pump in a basin that will drain water. If you live in a flood vulnerable area, you should be very familiar with these. If you’ve had a sump pump for a certain amount of time you know that you can rely on the pumps to do two things: pump water and, eventually, break down.

Finding your broken sump pump in time can be just as tricky as finding a flood in time, even if your pump is loud enough to be heard. Their pumping can often blend in with other white noise like a humming fridge or the drone of an AC unit.

Going Without A Sump Pump

Sump pumps and their installation are also expensive. If you don’t live in an easily flooded area, it might not be justifiable to install one. After all, are you really saving money if floods only happen once a century in your area?

For most of us, flooding won’t occur unless a pipe bursts or the neighbors leave the sprinkler on when they leave for vacation. A shop vac and an attentive eye can mitigate any flooding that might occur in those instances. Attentiveness is the key when taking protection into your own hands, and having a monitored alarm system in place is the standard when it comes to attentiveness.

Installing A Monitored Alarm

Engineered Alarm Solutions takes a personalized approach when it comes to home defense. We propose a protection system engineered for your own needs. In the case of flood protection, that means creating a system that works with your existing measures and budget. Only with those things in mind can we create the best solution for you.

If your home has a sump pump, you would benefit from our water-sensitive flood units. They detect if your sump pump isn’t pumping water the way it should. If water begins to back up in your sump basin, the unit will alert you to the problem.

Those same water-sensitive units can be installed in a house without a pump. Placed along the baseboards throughout the home, they’ll report a flood the moment it breaks through. That will give you enough time to prevent further damage and stop the flooding in its tracks.

For total coverage, the flood detection system can be paired with our home automation system. With remote access, you can shut off the water main valve and prevent major damage.

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