Summer Safety Tips

Summer Safety TipsThe seasons are changing, it’s warm outside, and time to get away.  Summer is here!

But with the changing seasons come changing security needs.  Here are some of Engineered Alarm Solutions’ top tips for staying safe this summer.

The changing of the seasons is the perfect time to remember to do annual maintenance – things like replacing the batteries in your smoke detectors or fixing any wear and tear your home has suffered.  A security system can only do you so much if it’s not working properly!  It’s a good opportunity to check your door locks and deadbolts, to upgrade old cameras – take a little bit of time, once a year, to just do regular, routine maintenance and you’ll be much safer.

Summer’s also a great time to get away and go on vacation!  Of course, if you’re taking a week-long trip, that’s a week where you’re not home, making your house an easy target for potential criminals.  To help keep your home safe when you’re gone, try to avoid things like broadcasting that fact on social media – clever thieves will note that you’re on a great trip out of town, and realize that that means your home is unguarded.  Try not to leave any valuables in plain sight, especially near windows – that’s just asking for a burglar to “window shop” their way into your home!

It’s a great idea to protect your home before leaving by installing a reliable monitored alarm system.  That way, a ULC-Certified monitoring station can keep an eye on your property, even when you’re on vacation.  When you install security cameras, the feeds can be monitored not only by our monitoring station, but also by you, through remote apps.  Keep an eye on your house even when you’re not in town!

If you have a home automation system, make you set it so it doesn’t adjust the temperature while you’re gone.  If the home’s empty, there’s no reason to keep the AC or heat going at the same level it does when you’re at home, and that will save you money and energy.  If you’re leaving for an extended period of time, make sure a neighbor or friend has a spare key, so they can periodically check up on things while you’re away.

Enjoy your summer!

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