Security Uses in a Gated Community

Living in a gated community means better security just by way of a gate. The only unfortunate part is that having a gate says to the world that you have something worth protecting. And of course you do! So what should you do to ensure that your belongings stay safe in your home? Invest in thorough security!


First and foremost, cameras are a vital part of security. If you’re going to protect your home, there’s no method that’s complete without them. They can alert you of movement, be monitored from your phone or by professionals, and are valuable evidence. Claims of theft are heavily substantiated by camera footage.

Not only are cameras incredibly useful in the case of a break-in, they’re fantastic deterrents as well. A large percentage of burglars won’t attempt to break in if they see functional cameras guarding doorways.

Keep your cameras guarding all ground-floor entrances. A good viewpoint can save you money as you won’t need as many cameras. Just keep in mind, a closer position relative to each entry is more likely to give you detailed footage.

Alarms and Lights

Following cameras, alarms are the next most important thing, though the ideal security system would have both. Having an alarm system in place will alert you promptly if someone tries to break in. You can arm your doors, your windows, and any other places where motion shouldn’t happen without your say-so.

When you come home and come inside, you can disarm your alarm with a short PIN. A burglar with no idea what the code is will trigger an alarm. If you control your alarm from an app on your phone or tablet, it will alert you through the app that something is happening at home.

A great way to make a burglar think twice about targeting your home is installing flood lights around the perimeter of your home. Motion sensing flood lights will illuminate suspicious people attempting to break in under the cover of night. They might save you from waking up to your efficient alarm system by not having it tripped at all.


A hugely valuable asset in a gated community is an intercom system. Having an intercom on your gate will make communicating with visitors a breeze. Connect to the intercom through an app and chat with visitors. You can turn away solicitors, invite in guests and family, and make sure only safe people are invited onto your property. The security benefit of using an intercom is that your whereabouts remain unspecified. Regardless, a burglar is best-off assuming you’re in your home. They won’t break in if they believe you to be right in the living room – even if you’re really across town in your office chair.

Remote Control

And last, but certainly not least, control everything right from your pocket. These days, security is made to work alongside our smartphones and tablets. Because of that, you can use your phone to arm or disarm your alarm system. Check on your camera footage from across town. You can even answer the intercom from miles away! The convenience of combining security and electronics has made it that much easier to protect your home and family. Give us a call if you want to know more.

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