Security that Holds up Against Turnover

Running a business with a lot of employees and a lot of secure areas can be tricky. We all want to find competent employees that we can keep for a long time but sometimes things come up. An employee might have plans to move far away or someone’s performance might be damaging to the company’s success. No matter the case, members of personnel will come and go and our security must be prepared for the turnover.

Turnover Affects Security

What is it about turnover that affects our security? Well, if an employee has an access code or has made copies of a door key, they will retain that information after they’re gone. Do you really want an employee that’s been let go to have access to rooms full of company information or computers? While most people won’t leave a company with a vendetta, it only takes one to cost you tens of thousands in damages.

So what should we do to keep our facilities secure without changing out the locks every time someone leaves?

Unique Passcodes

One solution for turnover security is giving out unique passcodes to each employee. Installing a system that will allow for this is a great way to keep the building secure. Each code will be labelled with an employee ID or name. You’ll know who accessed what rooms at what times. When an employee leaves or is let go, their access code will be erased from the database and will no longer work.

One form of unique passcodes is keycards. Keycards are each equipped with their own passcode with each employee getting their own keycard. This helps raise security by not only giving each employee their own way in, but also by them not knowing the actual code. Their card will be slid through a scanner or waved in front of it and the card itself will communicate with the system to unlock the door for them. When they leave, their card will be returned and they’ll no longer have access.

Another reason why keycards are better than numeric passcodes is because there’s no number pad to make guesses on. With each employee having their own number, it raises the odds of someone guessing correctly. However, without a keypad, digital or physical, no one is given the opportunity to try.

Facial Recognition

Even better than keycards and passcodes is facial recognition. Facial recognition is great for high security rooms. It keeps a database of authorized employees’ faces. With this database, a camera outside of locked rooms will recognize them as authorized and unlock the door. This is great for turnover because there is no hard copy key, no known passcode, and no way to pick the lock of the door. Once an employee no longer works for you, their face will be removed from the authorization database. Then, they’ll no longer be let in by the security system.

If you’d like to install any of these systems, give us a call at Engineered Alarm Solutions. We’ll help provide a solution for your specific building, ensuring your security is as good as you can get!

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