Do Security Systems Really Work?

Do Security Systems Really Work?You’re concerned about the crime rate and your home security.  You want to get a little peace of mind and assurances that you and your family will be safe.  But you still have one lingering question in your mind – do home security systems actually work, or are they just placebos, giving a false sense of security?

Well, yes, security systems work.  They make you less likely to be targeted by thieves in the first place and help alert police when thieves do attempt to break in.  But of course a security company is going to say that!  You want an unbiased opinion – and do we ever have some for you.

Three different studies, conducted by universities and the US Department of Justice, show that security systems work great as a deterrent:

  • The University of North Carolina asked more than 400 convicted burglars about their habits and motivations. More than 80% said that they would definitely attempt to determine if there was an alarm on site before attempting a burglary and 60% said they would seek an alternative target if there was an alarm on site.  Only 13% of burglars said that, once they found an alarm, that they would continue with a robbery attempt – an alarm system will deter thieves.
  • Rutgers had a similar study, showing that not only do burglar alarms and security systems reduce the risk of break-in in your home, but it has a vaccinating effect – neighborhoods with many burglar alarms have fewer burglaries, even at houses without security systems.
  • The US Department of Justice sponsored a third study, indicating that more than 90% of burglars would simply avoid targets with alarm systems – and 75% said a sign or window sticker was enough to be a deterrent.

In other words, yes!  Home security systems – especially visible systems like security cameras and monitored alarms – have demonstrable effects in making you safer.  Burglars simply do not want to be seen or recorded, so having the basics of a home security system will add an important level of protection to your home and family.  Engineered Alarm Solutions can help you ensure that your home is safe and professionally protected for years to come.

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