A Safe Garage is a Safe Home

A Safe Garage is a Safe HomeEven with a modern, automatic door, your garage is often a prime target for a burglar to gain entry to your home.  It’s often an overlooked part of home security – while time and care is devoted to securing front entrances and bedrooms, attached garages are often either forgotten about or pushed down on the list of priorities.  No more!  Here are our tips to ensuring your garage – and home! – are safe from opportunistic thieves.

Monitored Security Systems

Obviously, the best way to ensure your garage has the highest level of security is to treat it like any other part of your home.  The best way to ensure the security of your home is with a monitored security system.  That way, if someone attempts to gain access to your garage, door sensors will trigger and your central monitoring system will be notified.  Even when you can’t be watching your home, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that someone is.  Garages are easy to forget to shut and lock, and bring with it its own general security risks.  There’s no better solution than having experienced professionals monitor your home.

Secure Doors and Windows

Treat doors going to and from your garage as if they were the main entrance to your home.  They should be just as secure as your front door, with all the same level of security you would expect to find therein.  That includes door quality – with solid construction and good, safe locks – and security technology, including door sensors to detect unexpected entry.  Also, keep these doors locked – it may take an extra minute or two when you get home from work to enter your home, but it will also deter opportunistic thieves.  We also recommend covering or frosting your windows, to prevent thieves from being able to look inside and see if anything is worth stealing.

Main Door Security

Obviously, keep your garage door closed.  This seems like an incredibly obvious piece of advice, but it’s easy to forget to shut the door when you’re in a rush and late for work!  If you do find yourself often forgetting to do so, technology could be the answer – technology exists to remotely monitor your garage door, opening and closing it from a connected smartphone.  In addition, don’t leave your garage door opener in an easily accessible location.  If you must keep it in your car, keep it in a discreet location, rather than just pinned to your sun visor.  Better yet, get one that fits on your keychain, so you can bring it with you.  That way, if someone gains access to your car, they won’t also gain access to your home!

If you need further tips about how to protect your garage, call Engineered Alarm Solutions today!  We’re here to help.

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