Protect Your Business with a Commercial Smoke Detector

There are so many important forms of security needed for a commercial building. The most important, however, is the commercial smoke detector. Before the safety of classified business intel and valuable products comes the priceless safety of you and your employees. While robbery is a risk many businesses need protection for, fire is a risk every business needs protection for. That’s why having smoke detectors is part of Ontario law.

What Makes Them Special?

You might be wondering what makes our smoke detectors any different from the ones you can buy at the store. The difference lies in complexity. The ones you can buy for personal use in the home are one size fits all smoke detectors. If they catch a whiff of any smoke, they’ll go off. You may have noticed this if you tend to burn food or cook things that smoke a lot.

But what about places like commercial kitchens, factories, or machine shops? A functioning workplace can’t have a sensitive smoke detector going off all the time. It’s inefficient and bothersome. The distraction can even cause injury if it pulls people’s attention away from dangerous work suddenly.

Commercial smoke detectors can do better than that. Set them up to detect certain smoke or heat levels that are uncommon and above the standard for your workplace. This will clue you in on any concerning amount of heat, be it a fire or even before a fire has a chance to break loose.

What if I Work in an Office?

Even if you don’t work in somewhere like a factory or kitchen, there are still benefits to owning a commercial smoke detector. For one, you can hook them up to other alarm systems. That means you and your employees can be notified directly if there’s a fire emergency. That’s great for if you’re away from the building when the alarm goes off. It can even tell you which part of the building is being affected. That allows you to take proper precautions, should you or other employees still be inside.

If you are away from work, check on your commercial business remotely with the use of security cameras. Then you can ensure your workplace gets the attention it needs. If that’s a fire department, you’ll be glad you got the advanced notice you need rather than finding out the following day.

How do I Get One?

If you own a commercial workplace and are looking to get a commercial smoke detector, look no further than Engineered Alarm Solutions. We’ve got years of experience in the business of outfitting buildings with security. Working with us, you’ll find we take the time to meet the unique needs of each client. We look at you and your business as individual from every other that we’ve helped find solutions for. From your budget to the use of your building, every part is factored in when we design a security solution for you.

Give us a call when you’re ready and we’ll be happy to help!

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