How to Protect Your Home or Business from Floods

How to Protect Your Home or Business from FloodsA flood can be devastating to a home or business.  Torrential downpours can drop feet of rain on an area in a very short period of time, overwhelming storm drains and drainage basins.  The resulting damage can destroy property, damage goods and create a nightmare of a cleanup – after all, the major cost of a flood is the mold destroying your drywall and insulation

There are preventative actions you can take, however, to protect your property from the perils of a flood.  Here are some key tips to keep you and yours safe should the worst happen.

Install a Flood Detection System

Not all floods come from massive storms.  A burst water tank or faucet left open and forgotten about can be just as damaging, especially if it happens over the weekend when everyone is gone.  Engineered Alarm Solutions offers water-sensitive flood units that will detect if the water level rises above certain thresholds, allowing you to react quickly to prevent a minor problem from becoming a major disaster.  Timely action is one of the best preventative measures you can take.

Have a Plan

For any disaster, your business needs a plan to recover afterwards.  You want to identify your risks and threats – Toronto has 42 separate “flood-vulnerable” areas in or near river valleys, for example – identify which business functions are critical and figure out what resources you need to support them.  Do you need to have continuous phone service?  Equipment running 24/7?  Distribution problems?  Figure out what the most critical aspects of your business are, and adopt controls to keep them running in a disaster.  If you rely on paper records, for example, you may want to have backup copies off-site.  You may want to have water-sensitive equipment placed on the second floor of a building to help prevent flood damage.  Make sure you test your plan routinely, improving it and training your employees on how to best execute the plan.

Prepare Your Property

Be proactive – it’s easier to secure your home or business before a flood than it is to recover after one.

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