Mistakes Made When Purchasing Home Security Cameras

home security camera torontoSecuring our homes and businesses is a top priority for all of us. However, with the multitude of options available, choosing the ideal home security system can be a daunting decision as there is a lot to consider and understand. Mistakes made in security camera installations in Toronto and improper servicing of security alarm systems can lead to malfunctions that can negate the entire system’s usefulness. So, the engineers at Engineered Alarm Solutions have compiled a brief list of common mistakes to avoid so that you can make an informed decision while purchasing home security cameras. This list is not all-inclusive but will help you avoid making expensive mistakes!

Price Over Quality

One of the biggest mistakes consumers make is buying security products because of ‘big discounts.’ Selecting a security company based on price alone can actually prove more expensive in the long run. Many companies that offer lower-priced home security cameras and security systems often use cheap, low-quality parts or have hidden costs such as additional fees for start-up, activation etc. Don’t fall for gimmicks and sales pitches; it is better to pay a little higher for a quality product than be stuck with an inferior device.

Not Doing Your Research

Another common mistake is not doing your homework. Did you purchase a home security system only because of a snazzy ad or what the neighbour bought? But is it the one that is the right fit for your security needs? Before buying one, knowing your specific security requirements and researching the camera systems is essential. Compare specifications, features, installation, service, and cost before making the all-important decision. Don’t just buy the latest device; delve deeper into the company behind the home security camera! Check out Engineered Alarm Solutions website for more information on our home security systems and alarm systems.

DIY Installations

Security camera installation in Toronto is a job best left to the professionals! DIY installation of an intricate security system can be risky as you may lack in-depth knowledge and experience. While internet tutorials and Youtube videos may tempt you to try the installation yourself, remember that the information may be incomplete or oversimplified. You may even end up botching up the system and shelling out even more money for its repair and installation! Our professional security engineers are better equipped to handle camera placement, angles, and range. Reach out today!

Going For Wireless Security Cameras

While wireless security cameras are all the craze with their convenient installation, they are not very reliable or suitable for most homes. A wired home security camera is far more reliable and sturdier than its wireless or Wi-Fi counterpart. Wireless cameras need a strong WiFI signal, and considering the camera range is essential. The wireless camera can malfunction if out of range, resulting in camera freezes, spotty videos, and lags. Wireless security cameras can also be easily hacked or jammed, so consider all pros and cons before investing in one.

The Bottom Line

  • Don’t prioritize price over quality.
  • Do your research & know your security requirements.
  • Go for professional installation.
  • Wired security cameras are always better than wireless ones.

To avoid making mistakes while purchasing home security cameras, reach out to the experts at Engineered Alarm Solutions. Our security experts will be happy to help you with information on buying and installing security cameras. Every home and business is unique, so our sophisticated security systems and cameras are tailored to your specific needs. Contact us today to know how we can make your home or business secure.

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