Maintaining Your Commercial Security System

Physical security systems used to be mainly for large businesses and assets, such as banks, hospitals, government facilities and more. However, with the rise in technological innovation in security systems, small businesses also utilize security systems to protect their businesses, buildings and information. According to the FBI crime statistics, the number of burglaries reported by companies in 2018 was 30 percent lower than the year before, due to primarily the rise in commercial security systems. Commercial security cameras, entry control and data security, are just some of the features small businesses can incorporate to protect their business. At Engineered Alarms, we provide businesses of all sizes the most recent and latest technological features in modern security systems.

Why Get A Custom Security System

When selecting a commercial security system for your business, it’s essential to know all the different requirements you need. By choosing a standard or straightforward system, you’ll likely be overpaying for specific features which you don’t need, or you might also be lacking specific equipment which is required in order to keep your business safe. By getting a custom security system, you can ensure that your company is getting all the required equipment it needs to be protected, and you pay a cost-effective fee.

What You Can Do To Maintain Your Security System

When installing a new commercial security system, it’s essential to know all the different maintenance requirements for the additional equipment. As with all other building components, security systems degrade over time and need constant maintenance and repairs to prevent members from breaking before their expected lifespans. An example of regular maintenance is to double-check the locks in the building, clean security cameras and connections and ensure that all firmware is updated. Regular visual inspections can often catch many deficiencies, but testing of the equipment is also required. Talk to your security system supplier to understand the maintenance needed for your systems, which can include testing, virtual updates and more. Contact us at Engineered Alarms for a specialized plan to maintain your security system.

Manage Video Storage

Many advances have been made in security cameras, which can now capture and record video in high definition, in color and with high frame rates. However, these advances also require much more storage to be needed. Review the video storage that’s available for you and determine the amount of video storage your business needs. For example, many businesses choose to keep video storage for a up to a week before it’s deleted.

Review Your Security Cameras For Bad Angles and Gaps

After a new security system is installed, review the cameras installed around your building for any bad angles and gaps. Ensure that all entrances are monitored, as well as the general perimeter of the building, hallways and review any potential blind spots.

Complete Regular Inspections of Various System Functionalities

As mentioned before, regular maintenance is key to ensuring that your security system is up to date, functional, and able to protect your business. Along with general maintenance, complete regular visual and virtual inspections of your systems to ensure that all parts of the system are functioning. The last thing you need is a break-in to occur and realize afterwards the cameras weren’t functioning.

Engineered Alarms is a trusted company and provides security systems to thousands of businesses. Contact us to learn how to protect your business and maintain your security system!

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