How Do Commercial Security Systems Work?

This year more than ever, you should be taking control and protecting your business or workspace. With the Toronto lockdown, there are more vacant buildings and commercial spaces than ever before, making it crucial to set up a commercial security system in order to keep your space protected. Whether you’ve made your decision on installing a commercial security system in Toronto or not, you may be wondering how exactly these systems work and how they can protect your business.

How Do Commercial Security Systems Protect Your Space?

Security systems are used to protect your home, family, business and/or assets, but with high-value items or documents located in your commercial space, you may require a more high-tech security system with a variety of features. With the right security system in Toronto, you can be set up with cameras with real-time and playback features, motion detectors, an intercom system, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, flood detection, temperature sensors and more, all monitored from one place. Here are a few ways a commercial security system can protect your space:

Security Cameras

Security cameras are used to show you what is going on in and around your commercial building. But what’s more, is that they can be used to keep an eye on hard to see areas within the walls of your business. For example, where you stock your inventory, expensive merchandise, a server room, or where you store files and important documents.

Security cameras are also equipped with playback and recording features. Whether you want to see what your employees are doing throughout the day, monitor breaks and time logs, or discover what happened to a missing or broken object, a commercial security system will record it and notify you of suspicious activity.

Access Control

With authorized fobs, you can control and track who has access to authorized buildings, floors or rooms and when. This feature can help track the movement of employees in and out of the building, when they arrive and leave for work, as well as if they’ve tried to enter any unauthorized areas.

Intercom System

An intercom system is another security feature that allows you to see who’s at the door so you can speak with them and make the decision as to whether you want to let them in. This creates an even greater sense of control and security.

Alarm System

The foundation of a commercial security system is a monitored alarm system including door and window sensors, glass break detectors, motion sensors/detectors, as well as smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Alarms will go off if any unusual or suspicious activities are detected and you can be informed immediately by our ulc listed monitoring stations in order to take appropriate action (e.g. Police and/or Fire Department dispatches).

Temperature Sensors

If you’re a company that requires a room or fridge to be a certain temperature, these sensors can detect if the temperature is unregulated. You will be notified and able to fix the problem before the product or food item is spoiled.

A Professional Monitoring System

Your entire commercial security system is monitored by a professional monitoring station. Not only are you able to monitor your security system in real-time on your personal device, but with a professional monitoring system, if there’s a break-in or fire, authorities will arrive within minutes to protect and secure your space.

Engineered Alarm Solutions Inc. (EAS) for All Your Security Needs

Protect your space with Engineered Alarm Solutions Inc. before it’s too late. With businesses shut down due to the COVID-19 lockdowns, there are more commercial spaces than ever before that are completely empty (and criminals are taking advantage of this situation). With the right security system in Toronto, you can properly protect your assets and minimize the risk of break-ins and stealing. For custom professional commercial security systems, contact the experts at Engineered Alarms. Start protecting your business right away by giving us a call at 416-697-7329 for more information.

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