Home Security During Winter

Home security is important year-round, but winter comes with its own set of challenges. What is it that makes security more difficult during winter? Well, there are a number of things. Engineered Alarm Solutions is here to let you in on winter-specific security challenges and how to overcome them. Here’s how to guarantee the integrity of your home security during winter.

Daylight Hours

One of the biggest problems for home security during winter is the diminishing daylight hours. Because the sun rises later and sets earlier, that leaves much more of the day in darkness. You may not know it, but most home robberies actually take place during business hours. That’s because homeowners are out at work, kids are at school, and the home is left empty.

Nighttime seems like the best time for a robbery to the uninformed due to the cover of darkness. The issue is, most of the time, by this time, the family has returned from their daytime business and the house is full of activity. That is, except during winter.

Winter manages to bring the two best robbery times together at once. With the sun setting as early as 5PM – the same time most people are getting off work – burglars have the perfect window of opportunity to break in. Anyone with more than fifteen minutes between the end of their shift and their arrival at home is vulnerable. Never mind those who go grocery shopping or out for drinks after work. With everyone out of the house and the sun down, burglars can make easy work of a home robbery.

To avoid making your house the most attractive target on the street, we recommend you install floodlights and security cameras. Knowing their cover will be blown by getting near an entrance, burglars will avoid your house.

Holiday Season

The second reason winter is such a hot time for break-ins is because it’s holiday season. Many homes are laden with gifts still in their original packaging. That presents a fantastic opportunity for anyone able to break in. Burglars can carry out packages by the armful and sell them easily on websites like Ebay or Craigslist for a huge profit.

To avoid losing your holiday packages to a robbery, we recommend installing an alarm system. This will scare off intruders and alert you of a break-in as soon as it happens. With the use of smartphones, knowing when your home has been broken into is easier than ever.

Empty Houses

The last reason why winter makes home burglary easy is the number of houses left empty. Many people use winter vacation as an opportunity to visit family for the holidays or go on a retreat. No matter your reason for getting away, don’t leave your home defenseless.

Installing a proper security system will keep your home safe even when you’re away for weeks at a time. Contact us at Engineered Alarm Solutions to get a completely customized security system for your home. We take all of your home security needs as well as your budget into account when assisting you. Don’t let your home fall victim to burglary this winter. Let Engineered Alarm Solutions help with your security.

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