Home Safety TipsYour home’s safety and security is of the utmost importance, and protecting it is vital.  You want to have the peace of mind that you’ve done everything in your power to protect your home from potential intruders or disastrous accidents.  With that in mind, here are a few key home safety tips to help you keep your home safe.

Purchase an Intrusion Detection System

Security cameras are nice, but on their own, all they can do is tell you of a problem after a crime has been committed.  An intrusion detection system can help monitor your home in a wide number of ways – not only guarding against forced entry, but also tying in with fire alarm sensors, flood sensors and a 24/7 monitoring system to provide you complete and total home security.

Improve Your Locks

While electronic security systems are great, you still need good old fashioned locks on your doors.  Solid, reliable door and window lock hardware is the first line of defense against any home intruder. 1-inch deadbolts are also a good idea to install on all exterior doors; it provides an extra level of protection.

Keep Spare Keys Out of Sight

Some people are worried about losing their keys, so they keep an easily accessible spare.  Some people keep it under their doormat, or in a false rock or in the frame over your door.  In fact, so many people do that that it’s become an obvious place for burglars to look, again defeating the purpose of locking your doors.  That defeats the entire purpose of installing a home security system – if they can access it with your spare key, they dodge all of your efforts at protection.  If you absolutely must keep a spare key out, place it somewhere more difficult to find – away from the front door, perhaps in a freestanding A/C unit or grill.  Better yet, install a lockbox in a hidden place.