Home Automation: Control Temperature and Cameras Remotely

While some kinds of home automation aren’t to everyone’s liking, there are other kinds of home automation that are really worth considering. You may not be comfortable with a virtual assistant in your home, but how about remote access to your home’s temperature and security system? Let’s take a look into home automation and how it works!

How Home Automation Works

When you use Engineered Alarm Solutions’ method of home automation, controlling the different systems in your home becomes easy as pie. Using a smart device – like a cell phone or tablet – you can simply access your home systems through an app. This app allows you to connect to your home systems over wifi or data. That means anywhere you can connect to the internet, you can have control over your home.

Temperature Control

Having remote access to your home’s temperature is useful in a lot of ways. The most universal example is when you go on vacation. If you intend to leave the house for a week or longer, it can save you a lot of money to turn the temperature down to 50 degrees Fahrenheit in winter. If it’s summer, turning the AC off will have the same effect. Trying to keep your home at the ideal temperature when you’re not there takes a lot of electricity and inflates your bill unnecessarily.

However, coming home to a house that’s icy cold or sweltering hot is not anyone’s ideal scenario. That’s especially true when you consider that coming home means taking some time to unpack or cook dinner. With the help of home automation, you can easily turn your heater or AC back to its normal temperature the day before you return home. That guarantees you come home to a comfortable and idyllic interior, perfect for unpacking or cooking without needing a fan on or a blanket over your shoulders.

Remote Security Access

Remote security access is arguably even more important than temperature control. When you have remote access to your security, you can get an alert on your phone anytime something suspicious happens. If your alarm goes off, you will instantly be notified that there may be an intruder in your home.

This allows you to look through your security cameras right from your phone or tablet to see what’s going on. If it turns out it’s just your friend who forgot the code for the alarm, you can turn the alarm off no problem. However, if someone has broken in, you can quickly alert the police and have your home taken care of while you’re out of range.

Plus, having access to your security cameras from a distance allows all kinds of monitoring. Worried about how your pets are faring when you’ve been gone all day? Check in on them and feel instantly reassured. Want to make sure your teen got home from school without a hitch? Check in with the security system and banish your worries about their safety.

If you have any questions about home automation, give us a call at Engineered Alarm Solutions. We offer home automation solutions and we personalize them for your individual needs.

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