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Healthcare Security Systems TorontoHospitals and medical facilities need more protection than ever before.  You store sensitive medical records, pharmaceutical and medical inventories, and high-value clinical equipment.  That makes you vulnerable to theft, as well as internal misuse.  It means you need a high-quality security system to address the safety and security needs of your facility.

Engineered Alarm Solutions is Toronto’s top option for healthcare security systems.  Our 24/7 monitoring services will ensure that someone’s always watching over every aspect of your facility, whether you’re there or not.  From intruder detection to fire alarms, access control to CCTV monitoring, we’ll help you create the best security solution for your facility.

Our ID and access control systems will make sure that only authorized personnel have access to sensitive areas of your facility.  The access control systems we offer allow you to control, track and manage your facility, enhancing the way you protect your people, assets and facilities.

We offer a range of intrusion detection systems, including burglar alarms, motion sensors and glass-break sensors, will provide a full-spectrum of monitoring and reporting tools, allowing you to oversee facility access and create a solution to meet your own specific needs and circumstances.

Our video surveillance technology, including HD video cameras, monitors, and video management tools, are fully integrated into all of our security systems.  The expert professionals at Engineered Alarm Solutions will help figure out the best layout for your facility, and work with you through installation, testing, maintenance and support.  All of our systems allow you to easily search through your footage for a recorded event.  You can either check your cameras’ live feed, or play back recorded footage in an efficient and reliable manner.

We’re your top choice for healthcare security systems in the Greater Toronto area.  We’re more than happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have about our products or services.  Contact us today at (416) 697-7329, and get started down the road to a complete security solution that will help ensure the safety and security of your facility.

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