The Difference Between CCTV and Security Systems

The Difference Between CCTV and Security SystemsWhen installing security in your home, it’s easy to get confused.  A wide range of options and choices go into installing a security system, and it’s important to know just what you’re getting – and what you’re not getting – when you install a new system.

To many people, all a security system uses is a network of security cameras, watching over your property.  But that’s not all there is to a security system.  The experts at Engineered Alarm can help you understand the difference between a full-fledged security system, and just a CCTV system.


A CCTV system, or closed-circuit television, consists of a network of strategically placed cameras, designed to record and capture footage at key points – entryways, secure rooms and things of that nature.  It can broadcast in real time to a surveillance monitor or smartphone and record either locally or in the cloud for later reference.

Of course, in and of itself, that’s not useful – it requires someone to see the footage to respond to a problem.  While the cameras themselves serve as a deterrent, the delayed reaction time from just a CCTV generally means you only learn of security breaches after they occur.

Security System

That’s where a security system comes into play.  When CCTV is incorporated as part of a security system, it doesn’t only detect crime, but helps keep you safe, as well.  A security system doesn’t include just security cameras, but other key security features, like door or window sensors, heat and smoke detectors, flood sensors and so forth.  That covers a wider range of possibilities than cameras alone.  If a burglar breaks into your home with just a CCTV system, all you get is footage of someone breaking into your home.  If they attempt that with a security system in place, a door sensor or window sensor will trip, setting off an alarm.  A security system is proactive; a CCTV system alone is reactive.

When you use Engineered Alarm, you’re also getting the benefit of a monitored security system.  When your alarms are triggered, the system alerts our monitoring station agents so appropriate action can be taken.

When an alarm is received by Engineered Alarm’s monitoring station, our security agents call the designated people in the emergency contact list.  If they can confirm the break-in by checking the CCTV system remotely, it’s reported as a “crime in progress” to the police, making it a top priority.

If you stop with just security cameras, you’re not seeing the whole picture.  If you want to make sure your home or business is safe, get a full security system.  You’ll be glad you did.

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