Best Places to Install Security Cameras

Best Places to Install Security CamerasHaving the most high-tech and state-of-the-art security cameras in the world won’t help your home or business if you install them incorrectly.  You want to make sure your cameras are covering areas where your premises face potential threats; otherwise, they’re not doing you any good.

As every building’s layout is different, the exact location you’ll want your cameras will vary.  An experienced tech like the ones at Engineered Alarm Solutions can help you with a walkthrough, figuring out points of entry that are most appealing to potential intruders.  As a general guide, though, here are some of the most common spots where security cameras will help:

Front Door

About a third of all burglars simply enter through your front door.  It’s a logical choice; it’s designed to be entered and therefore can only be secured so much, as opposed to windows and other more optional access points.  If possible, you’ll want to place your security camera somewhere out of reach of the front door so potential burglars can’t reach it to tamper with it.  They shouldn’t be installed too high, however, because then all they will record is the tops of intruders’ heads, rather than their faces.

Back and Side Doors

When burglars can’t get access through the front, the next place they usually try is a back door; about a fifth of all burglars end up entering through the rear of the home.  Each entry door should have its own camera, preferably out of tampering range.  All of these outdoor cameras should be weatherproof and equipped with night vision; while most burglaries end up happening during the day, you don’t want to find yourself unprotected if someone sneaks up in the dead of night!

Off-Street Windows

Few burglars attempt to enter through a window facing the street; that’s rather obviously suspicious.  They might as well hang a big sign on themselves saying “illegal activity here”!  Side windows, however, are less conspicuous; breaking a window that isn’t immediately visible helps increase their odds of not being caught.  That’s where cameras come in; they can detect those intruders avoiding prying eyes on t the main roads.


Placing a security camera in the driveway is a great deterrent of people attempting to break into your cars.  Plus, if your house is broken into, then there often will be a getaway car or other vehicle to load up their loot.  If they park that car or truck in the driveway, a good quality camera can record the license plate and all of its details.

Indoor Cameras

Indoor cameras are helpful not only for security, but also for parenting.  They help you keep an eye on children when you are away or in other rooms – for example, if they’re playing in the basement while you’re in your home office or kitchen.  These cameras, as they don’t have to withstand the weather, also often have more options and features.  For example, many include built-in microphones to record audio, and draw your attention if something out of the ordinary occurs.

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