The Benefit of Security Sensors

The Benefit of Security SensorsSecurity sensors in your home or business protect you from a wide range of maladies and issues.  From door and window sensors to detect illicit entry to carbon monoxide sensors to detect risks of monoxide poisoning, having a wide range of active sensors, connected to a monitored security system, can help keep you, your family and your business more secure.  Here are just a few of the different types of security sensors that can help protect your home.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

The trouble with carbon monoxide, or CO, is that it’s completely odorless.  That means it’s difficult to detect, with potentially deadly consequences. A carbon monoxide detector samples the air and beeps loudly if there’s a higher than expected concentration of CO in the air, letting you get to safety before it becomes a potentially lethal danger.  If will also trigger your security system, if you have a monitored alarm system, allowing them to potentially call for help if the situation should become more serious.  CO detectors should be on each level of your home or business, especially near where people sleep or gather.  They should not be placed near appliances or in smaller spaces like furnace rooms or crawl spaces, as that will cause unwanted false positives.

Door/Window Sensors

If a burglar attempts to gain entry through a door or window equipped with a sensor, the sensor will detect the motion and trigger an alarm.  It’ll send a signal to your control panel, and from there on to your central monitoring station and/or smartphone, allowing the appropriate actions to be taken.  Sensors should be placed on every operable door and window, with a priority placed on the easiest to access entry points.  Also make sure that any potential entrance point in a shadowy, dark location, hidden from the main street, is well-protected; those will be a potential burglar’s first target.

Fire/Smoke Detectors

A high-quality fire prevention system will detect fire, heat and smoke from one sensor.  Whenever any of the three are unusually high, it will sound an audible alarm and notify your monitored alarm system so appropriate action can be taken.  You should have a fire alarm on every level of your home or business, as well as in any area where people sleep or otherwise gather for long periods of time.  The best place for smoke detectors is on the ceiling – smoke is lighter than air, and travels upwards.  You also want to keep them a decent way away from the walls, as smoke ends up not collecting in corners.  Do not install them too close to the kitchen, as that will trigger false alarms..  Extra seconds of detection can be the difference between life and death!

These just scratch the surface of home sensor protection.  From flood detection systems to motion sensors and so much more, Engineered Alarm Solutions can help protect you, your home or your business!

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