Avoid Floods from Weather and Pipe Bursts with a Flood Detector

Floods cost homeowners millions of dollars in damage each year – and that’s just in damage to the house. If it was possible to put a value on the photos and irreplaceable memories lost to floods and mold each year, the count would quickly rise to the trillions. Keeping this in mind, you can see why it’s so important to catch and stop a flood quickly to avoid permanent damage to our homes and belongings. However, most people aren’t actually sure how to do that. The answer is simple: install a flood detector. 

Buying a Flood Detector

What is a flood detector, how does it work, and where do you get one? The answers to these questions are simple. A flood detector is just like an intrusion alarm. It’s made to alert you to a flood right as it’s beginning. This allows you to take action quickly to minimize damages. It works in much the same way as an intrusion alarm but it keeps watch over your floors instead. If it senses water where there shouldn’t be, it alerts you. Getting one of these fantastic detectors is as easy as calling up your local home security company. If you live in Toronto, that just so happens to be Engineered Alarm Solutions.

Pipe Bursts

One of the most common ways for in-home floods to occur is actually due to pipe bursts. While most homes are built to withstand rainy weather, they’re almost never made to withstand breaks from within. That’s why, if a pipe freezes and bursts, the ensuing outpour of water can quickly destroy your home. If the water damage itself doesn’t do it, any unattended mold certainly will.


Flooding can happen in cases of extreme weather – or even normal weather if your home isn’t built well or is outdated – as well. An extraordinary amount of rain seeping into the soil around your home can mean groundwater coming in through the basement. If your foundation walls are well-built and undamaged, this water may even seep below the house and then rise up through the basement floor. 

Engineered Alarm Solutions

The benefit of talking to a professional when purchasing an alarm or detector of any kind is that we have a lot of experience placing them. Taking a look at your home, we can pinpoint exactly where alarms would do their job most effectively. When it comes to flood detectors, choosing the right location is incredibly important. If you put your flood detector in the right spot, you may be able to catch and stop a flood before it reaches anything of value.

A lot of homeowners buy flood detectors and alarms and install them where they think they should go without consulting anyone. This often leads to problems in effectiveness and a lot of damages that could have been avoided. This is why we highly recommend talking to professionals about where you plan to place your detectors.

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