The Security And Convenience Of A Home Intercom

Not a lot of people have realized the accessibility and convenience of owning a home intercom system. Most of our exposure to them is in movies in those fancy mansions many of us can never hope to afford. The reality of it is, intercoms have never been cheaper! As technology advances, those things that used to be luxury items are now affordable to a larger demographic. What can a home intercom system really do to benefit us though? Let’s take a look!

Easier communication

A home intercom provides easier communication for all members of your house! Even if your house isn’t the size of a mansion, it’s likely big enough that you find yourself yelling from one room to the next. With an intercom, you don’t have to! No more need to yell to the kids for dinner! No more need to yell to a knock at the door that you’ll be there in a minute! You can simply go to the nearest intercom and speak at your normal voice to communicate with those out of immediate earshot.

Lowers stress

The easier communication allowed by a home intercom system will lower the stress levels of everyone in the house. A lot of us are so used to the raised stress that yelling causes that we don’t even notice it anymore. However, it’s proven that yelling raises stress. Being able to communicate clearly without raising your voice or having to repeat yourself will noticeably lower your stress levels quickly! Not to mention, being on the receiving end of yelling is also stressful. The entire family benefits from an intercom!

Protects Your Well-being and Property

If you have people visiting your home frequently for professional reasons, to sell you things, or to deliver packages you can benefit from an intercom! It can be stressful seeing a stranger at your door. It’s not unheard of for criminals to impersonate salesmen to gain access to a house. It’s in your best interest to keep a barrier between you and those who mean to do you harm. An intercom system will allow you to greet them and ask them what they’re there for without even having to open the door. Not only do you not have to put yourself at risk, you don’t even have to walk downstairs!

Many modern intercom systems that can be accessed from your phone will even allow you access from out of the house. That means answering your door from work and giving burglars the illusion that you’re still at home. If a burglar knows there’s someone home, they’re much more likely to leave it alone. Burglars don’t want to come face to face with a homeowner so if they think you’re home and don’t know where in the house you are, they won’t risk it.

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