Benefits Of A Monitored Flood Alarm System in Toronto

home security camerasA monitored alarm system is so much more than just installing security cameras around your Toronto home.

Today’s state-of-the-art monitored home alarm systems have many home automation features that not only make your life convenient but can also help lower insurance rates and save you from costly home repairs.

While home security cameras are an essential part of any alarm system, we will break down why you should think about choosing an alarm system with monitored flood detectors in this blog.

Monitored vs. Unmonitored Alarm Systems

As the name suggests, the fundamental difference between a monitored and unmonitored alarm system lies in the ‘monitoring.’ Monitored alarm systems are professionally watched over by a monitoring company through home security cameras and detection sensors. The moment an alarm is triggered through your monitored security system, the company representatives will immediately contact you. If they confirm that it isn’t a false alarm or if they can’t connect with you, the monitoring company will contact the concerned authorities (police or fire department) on your behalf.

Unlike monitored systems, an unmonitored alarm system is not professionally monitored. Such systems are only watched over by the homeowners. If a burglar or flood alarm in the house is tripped, it is the owner’s responsibility to check it. If it’s not a false alarm, you need to contact the proper authorities or emergency services as required.

Why You Need a Monitored Flood Alarm System

Did you know that even a few inches of water can cause devastating damage to your home and property? The added headache of potential mold build-up can be a health hazard apart from being an expensive removal project. With Toronto’s history of disastrous floods, a monitored flood detection system is a must to keep your home safe. Plus, with nearly 70% of flooding incidents caused by man-made floods due to pipe bursts or plumbing calamities, monitored flood detection systems can go a long way to protect you and your home.

How Does Flood Alarm Monitoring Work

Here’s how a monitored flood alarm system works:

  • Water-sensitive flood detectors are installed on the baseboards in your house, especially near water fixtures and appliances like washing machines and hot water heaters.
  • A flood alarm is triggered when any of the sensors detect overflowing water.
  • You’ll be notified immediately through a real-time alert via text or a call.
  • In case you are at home, you can take timely action to stop the flow of water. If you’re away at work or far from home on vacation, our monitoring team will ensure that emergency personnel are alerted and sent to your home.
  • When combined with Engineered Alarms home automation system and security cameras in Toronto, you can even remotely turn off the main water valve to prevent significant damage.

Lower Your Insurance Premium

During winter, flooding due to the bursting of frozen pipes is extremely common in Toronto. The furnaces often fail when families are out or vacationing, and the pipes freeze over due to sub-zero temperatures. This is a viral claim for insurance companies, and it tends to drive up premiums. A monitored flood alarm system not only protects you but also helps lower your home insurance rates.

Greater Peace of Mind with Engineered Alarms

Protecting your home and family is essential, and the best way to ensure security and peace of mind is monitored alarms & home automation services from Engineered Alarms. With avant-garde intrusion detection, home security cameras, flood & fire alarm systems, you know you can trust the experts at Engineered Alarms! Get in touch with our professional team for more information on monitored flood alarm systems and customized security solutions today!

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