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Engineer A Custom Security Solution For Your Home

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Engineer A Custom Security Solution For Your Home

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Home Security Cameras

Look around, and you’ll find security cameras nearly everywhere. You’ll see them when you’re walking down the street or at an ATM. Nearly every store you enter will have one, too. But these aren’t just for businesses anymore. Engineered Alarm Solutions can bring home security cameras into your life. We’ll help you have complete control of what happens in and around your property, even when you’re away.

Engineered Alarm Solutions installs all types of security cameras, depending on what will best help your specific situation. From wired to wireless, IP to analogue, we have the cameras that best fit your home security needs. Our state-of-the-art digital video surveillance will provide sharp images day or night, without the loss of quality you’d find in older, analog cameras. The latest security digital CCTV technology allows you to quickly search through your footage, looking for specific incidents simply by entering a date and timestamp without needless rewinding and fast-forwarding. It can make combing through footage from multiple cameras exceptionally easy, even from your smartphone or computer.

Engineered Alarm Solutions specializes in the installation of indoor cameras with microphones. This allows you to hear your loved ones when they are under the supervision of a caregiver, allowing you to know what’s going on in your home, even when you can’t be there. Whether you’re at work, on holiday or simply in another room, you can monitor your home and loved ones any time, from your smart phone, tablet or computer. Our security experts will help you select the cameras that are best for your specific situation and budget. Whether you need a complete set of multiple cameras for each room of your house and multiple entryways, or just a simple camera to monitor your front door, we can find a solution that best meets your unique needs. We specialize in installing wired cameras without showing any unsightly exposed wires. Even if your house and basement are already finished, our technicians can ensure that you get the high-performance of wired cameras without ruining the look of your home

We’re your top choice for home security cameras in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. Our experts are standing by, waiting to give you a free quote or to answer any questions or concerns you have about any of our products and services. Call us today at (416) 697-7329.


Home Intrusion Detection Systems

Having your home broken in to can be a devastating situation. Forget about the monetary loss you may suffer from stolen items and broken windows or doors; it’s a violation of your personal space. You and your family likely will go through a great deal of turbulent emotions, and may not feel safe again in your home. This is where home intrusion detection systems can come in handy. Most burglars are looking for easy targets; unsecured buildings where they can get in and out before anyone knows what happened. Most burglars will ignore alarmed properties in favor of easier targets. Even if they do decide to attempt to break-in to your home, these sorts of systems can quickly contact the authorities, helping catch the perpetrators before they can cause any long-term damage.

Engineered Alarm Solutions can help. We offer a wide range of fully tested and reliable premium home security products, including wireless and wired alarm systems. With our professional installation and expert technicians, you can count that any system you get from us will have the latest, most up-to-date and most reliable technology, helping protect your home and your family. Our expert professionals will talk with you, working out your specific needs and budgetary restrictions. We’ll help you pick the right system for your unique situation; you don’t want a system that works well for most people, you want the system that will work best for you and your family. Our home detection systems can take into account a variety of different situations to best serve you. They can include automatic arming systems, in case you forget to arm it yourself. We can include water sensors to ensure the basement isn’t flooded, or prevent it from activating based on your pets’ activities. They can be set to deactivate indoor cameras when you’re at home to protect your privacy, or to work automatically on the Shabbat for religious reasons. Your system can be customized to cover a wide variety of different scenarios, to better fit your life. Installing an intrusion detection system can have side benefits, as well. Most home insurance policies offer discounts for protected buildings, and our products meet all industry standards. There are dozens of great reasons to add to the security of your home. We’re your top choice for home intrusion detection systems in the Toronto area. Our professionals are standing by, waiting to give you a free quote or to answer any questions or concerns you have about any of our products. Call us today at (416) 697-7329, and take the next step towards protecting your family.

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Engineered Alarm Solutions provides top- of-the-line custom Security Systems for businesses & homes in Toronto & GTA. All our designs and installations are supervised by Professional Engineers. Our services include: Burglar and Fire Alarm Systems, Monitoring Services, Security Cameras, Intercoms, Office Automation, Voice & Data, and more.


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