The Trouble with DIY Security Systems

The Trouble with DIY Security SystemsIt is possible, today, to install your own DIY security system from scratch.  With wireless security cameras and alarms becoming more available and less expensive, the appeal of a do-it-yourself system, avoiding installation costs and waiting on a professional to come and install them, is pretty clear to see.

However, installing a DIY security systems brings with it many risks.  Incorrect installation can reduce the effectiveness of your security system – or even neutralize it all together.  A trained professional can ensure that everything is installed correctly the first time, insuring that your home is as safe as you think it is and want it to be.  There are other issues, as well!

While wireless installation is very convenient, it’s not the most secure way to install a security system.  Wireless has a maximum range, for example – there’s a limit to how far away you can place them and still have them work in a reliable fashion.  In addition, delays and other transmission glitches can happen on wireless systems.  These are not issues when you opt for professional wireless Alarm Systems, or wired installations, which the professionals at Engineered Alarm specialize in.

Of course, you might decide you want to install a wired system yourself, but that brings with it further issues.  Physical barriers may prove very difficult to overcome – we’re talking pipes, electrical wires and other major elements of your home.  A licensed and trained technician can figure out the best way to wire your home without showing wires or disrupting anything you currently have working.

In addition, a home security expert can help you decide what features you need to keep your home secure.  As a novice, it’s easy to forget to, say, put a window sensor on second-floor windows or ensure that motion sensors are in place at all potential points of entries. Professionals have installed literally hundreds of systems, so they know what to look for to keep you safe and secure.

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