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Happy Holidays from Engineered Alarm

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With the 2017 Holiday Season fast approaching, is security on your Christmas Shopping list? The holidays mean happiness, joy and time spent with loved ones. Of course, for a lot of us, it also means travel and time away from work. With neighbors away on vacation, our homes and businesses are left with a higher [...]

Facts and Figures About Home Automation and Home Security

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A home automation system can go a long way towards making your life easier and more comfortable.  From integrated alarms and security cameras to smart thermostats and light timers, home automation can improve your life in many ways. Don't believe us?  We have some stats and facts to back that up: Security 40% of burglars [...]

Healthcare Security Systems Toronto

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Hospitals and medical facilities need more protection than ever before.  You store sensitive medical records, pharmaceutical and medical inventories, and high-value clinical equipment.  That makes you vulnerable to theft, as well as internal misuse.  It means you need a high-quality security system to address the safety and security needs of your facility. Engineered Alarm Solutions [...]

Retail Security Systems Toronto

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If you’re running a retail store, one of the most important things you can do is shore up your security.  You need to make sure that your property is safe, even after hours or during vacation periods.  That’s where a retail security system from a company like Engineered Alarm Solutions can help. Were you aware [...]

Five Ways to Stop Data Theft

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When we think of theft, we normally think about physical assets going missing, but that’s far from the only important thing you need to protect.  The theft of data and information is a growing threat to businesses.  If your client list, marketing plan, financial information or other sensitive information were to end up in the [...]