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Where is Home Security Equipment Installed?

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We’ve talked before about how a home alarm system works and the types of equipment a home security system will generally include.  But where will this equipment be installed?  Every home is different, and the exact layout of security cameras, sensors and alarms will vary.  There are some constants, however.  Here are the most common [...]

Facts and Figures About Home Security

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There’s a lot of confusion and misconceptions about home security out there.  Some people will say crime is rising; others will say it’s lowering.  Some people will say certain methods of security are best; others will disagree and promote their own methods.  It can be confusing at the best of times! It’s good to go [...]

How a Home Alarm System Works

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No matter what company or brand you choose to use, all home security systems work on the same basic principles.  Sure, some are more reliable than others, and some are installed by more capable technicians, but they operate under the same basic philosophy.  They secure your entry points—your doors and windows—and focus extra security on [...]