Spots in Your Commercial Space That Need a Security Camera

secuirty camerasWith more vacant or less occupied commercial spaces in Toronto due to lockdown, it’s time to figure out a way to protect and watch over your business from home. Whether you own office space or a clothing store, commercial security cameras can help. With commercial security cameras in Toronto, you can watch, record and track all of the areas in and around your commercial space. Taking the plunge to install these cameras is one thing, but it’s even more important to make sure you’re installing them in the proper places in your space to protect it while you aren’t there. This blog outlines the main points of contact in your commercial space that should have a camera’s visualization on them.

1. Main Entrance

Despite fewer people going in and out of the main entrance due to lockdown, this camera location is extremely important to keep an eye on who is coming and leaving the premises during and after business hours. Not to mention, burglars and thieves will often use the most accessible way of entry to break into properties.

2. Registers, Supplies & Stockrooms

Regardless of the type of business you own, there are always going to be items of a higher value located in a restricted area. Cash registers, stock rooms, computer rooms or even document-heavy rooms need to be monitored and watched to track if any items, money or documents go missing. With surveillance cameras, you can track exactly what is going in and out of these restricted areas and who.

3. Blind Corners

In any commercial space, there are always going to be corners and nooks that are not visible to your existing security cameras. Whether it’s the water cooler corner, or the empty stairwells, setting up extra cameras in these areas can help minimize blind spots as this is often where employees or other individuals will go to partake in suspicious activities.

4. Back Entrances and/or Loading Docks

It is highly recommended for commercial spaces to set up security cameras inside and outside this area. When accepting large shipments or sending items out, you want to be able to track exactly what is entering and leaving. With ultra-high resolution cameras, you can track evidence if certain items have not been shipped or are missing.

5. The Perimeter of the Business

Another important aspect of security in your commercial building is setting up cameras around the perimeter of the space. Any parking lots, back alleys, or trash bin areas need to be watched to help minimize break-in, violence and/or theft.

6. Personal Office and Workspaces

If your office or business is essential and not closed due to the lockdown, then these cameras are for you. You can keep track of your employees and make sure they are staying on task.

Invest Now and Save Later

With vacant commercial spaces, crime rates have evidently gone up making it more important than ever to protect your business. Trust the experts at Engineered Alarm Solutions Inc. (EAS) to help protect your space. Without a commercial security system in Toronto, your business or space can be subject to theft, break-ins, and/or damage to your property. Contact us at 416-697-7329 or visit us online to learn more about how you can install and customize your security cameras today.

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