Solutions for High Security Areas

When you’re in charge of keeping a valuable part of a commercial building safe, you may be on the lookout for better solutions. Technology is always advancing. Therefore, there are ever improving security systems for those high security areas that need optimal guarding. Whether your space holds computers with sensitive information or a store room with valuables, we’ve got a solution for you.

Technological Advances

Because of technological advances, we need to be careful not to let our security systems get out of date. Old security systems are vulnerable. Old security systems will have tried and true break-in methods be developed over time. By the time the know-how to do so has become available, the system is usually old enough it should be replaced. However, some businesses don’t want to invest in a new system. However, hackers can target the old ones in search of whatever they can get their hands on.

Upgrading Access Methods

To keep on top of security and ensure your system is sound, you should start with a recently updated access method. Office access control systems allow you to monitor everyone coming and going from a secured area. These access control systems can be bypassed by people with supported keycards, the correct code for a keypad, or approved biometric signifiers. The type of access your system uses is completely up to you and your security needs.

Keycards are great for easily distributed access that is also connected to the holder’s identity. The downside to these cards is that if they’re misplaced, they can be used by anyone. People can tamper with keypads. However, a certain number of errors will trip an alarm. Biometric Access is the most secure of these methods. It involved something like a fingerprint, handprint, retina scan, or other bodily identification.

Constant Surveillance

There should always be cameras monitoring high security areas. That includes areas with access systems! Engineered Alarm Solutions can provide constantly monitored security for you. Keeping security monitored ensures that nothing goes unnoticed. Unmonitored camera systems are only useful if someone notices something amiss and goes back to check on them. Monitored cameras can stop something happening before it happens. The surveillance is a must for high security locations.

Updated Alarms

Did you know that these days you can view alarms and camera feeds directly from your phone? You can also control locks and camera direction remotely as well. This is ideal for someone guarding a high security area where there isn’t a lot of traffic.

An alert allows you to see when someone is trying to enter a secure area. From there, you can make sure it’s someone who belongs. If you know someone is going to need access to the secure area, you can even unlock it for them.

If you guard a high security area, contact us at Engineered Alarm Solutions to discuss advanced security solutions for your building.

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