If you own a commercial business, you should know that shoplifting is a huge problem in the industry. A small, commercial business can be completely destroyed at the hands of shoplifters. That’s why proper security is so important to a business’s success. It’s an investment well worth making. That’s why Engineered Alarm Solutions is here to talk about the importance of commercial security.

The Damages of Shoplifting

Shoplifting may not seem like something that happens very much, but the truth is, it happens very frequently. If you take a look around the internet, you can find places where people show off the things they’ve stolen. To some people, stealing, without getting caught, is like a sport.

This subculture of getting away with theft for the thrill of it is incredibly damaging to businesses. Accounting for shoplifting narrows down profit margins to a fraction of what they would have been. That means a waste of time on part of the clerks and owners alike. That’s all to make up for the damage cause by people who didn’t want to pay.

Small Businesses

Small businesses take a big hit from this kind of theft. Because they make less sales than a chain store, each stolen item makes a significant difference. They’re vulnerable for it too. Shoplifters are aware of smaller businesses having less security. They exploit it heavily.

Chain Businesses

Chain businesses, on the other hand, make a lot more sales. However, being a chain means they get more customers and more shoplifters. It’s easier to get away with stealing small goods when you’re one of a thousand customers who have passed through the store in a day. While it’s easier to make up the profit loss due to the higher sales, the fact remains that shoplifting is damaging. It makes it harder to pay employees a decent wage and wastes the time of a number of people in all different ranks.

Security Helps

Here’s where proper commercial security comes in. No matter the size of your business, if you have visible cameras in place as well as alarms, it will help. Shoplifters are less likely to target a business if there’s security. After all, the more cameras, the higher chance they’ll get caught. And, don’t let their game of stakes fool you; shoplifters are not in this to get caught. They won’t take risks where they don’t have to.

Having security in place is especially effective for small businesses. A couple security cameras and a watchful clerk are enough to protect a small store. Visible cameras are a huge deterrent. They can keep a big target off of your store.

If you’re interested in outfitting your business with proper commercial security, give us a call at Engineered Alarm Solutions. Our team of professionals is happy to help design a solution perfect for your unique business.