The Need for a Home Alarm and Video Surveillance Cameras

The Need for a Home Alarm and Video Surveillance CamerasA security camera alone may not be sufficient to keep you safe.  For, while a security camera will conveniently record footage of anyone who enters your home, that’s where the protection stops.  It helps you identify a person involved in a crime, but not stop the crime itself from occurring.  They’re a deterrent – if placed in a prominent location, most thieves will choose to attempt to pass on breaking into your home and instead pick a more vulnerable target.  While that’s certainly better than no home security at all, it still leaves you vulnerable.

If your security cameras work together with an alarm system, however, that’s an entirely different story.  An alarm system allows you to be alerted to intruders in your home.  When linked to a central monitoring station, you can rest assured that your home is being looked after, 24/7.  In the event of a break-in or other troubling situation, a remote monitoring station can be alerted by your alarm system, view both live and pre-recorded footage, and contact the appropriate authorities immediately.  This increases the odds that the intruders are caught in the act, and your home further protected.  When a break-in is confirmed, whether it’s by checking the security camera footage or by another method, the situation change from being merely an “alarm event” to a full-fledged “crime in progress”.  That bumps the emergency response up to a top priority for the police, as opposed to simply having an alarm go off.

We’ve all heard nightmare stories of people coming home to find their houses ransacked and their possessions missing.  We’ve heard stories of people who were at home, asleep when burglars came, sleeping through the entire incident.  While security cameras capture all of this and record it for future identification, they didn’t help prevent these incidents.  A complete home security systems, including alarms, door and window sensors and motion sensors, provides more complete coverage.

Security cameras are great for what they do – but they can only go so far.  When you work with an experienced home security company, like Engineered Alarm Solutions, you can rest assured that you’re getting a complete security package.  We’ll help you work out the best security solution for your home, with all the needed technology and equipment to keep you and your family safe, no matter what.

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