Why You Need to Upgrade Old Security Systems

With some kinds of technology, there’s not a real need to replace them with every new advancement. A phone can be out of date and still perfectly functional. With other technology, however, you should keep on top of updating. This doesn’t necessarily mean buying each new update, but every few years, it’s worth checking into. […]

Protect Your Business with a Commercial Smoke Detector

There are so many important forms of security needed for a commercial building. The most important, however, is the commercial smoke detector. Before the safety of classified business intel and valuable products comes the priceless safety of you and your employees. While robbery is a risk many businesses need protection for, fire is a risk […]

This School Year, Give Your Family a Security Upgrade

With the beginning of the school year approaching, there are a large number of things to do. From back-to-school shopping to planning for the year ahead, things can get really busy. Here’s something you may not have considered: the beginning of the school year is a great time to get a security upgrade. Here’s why. […]

What Convicted Burglars Told Us About Avoiding Robberies

Where best to learn how to protect your home from burglars than from the burglars themselves? Here are some things you can do to protect your house from robberies! Burglars Dress for The Occasion When you think of a burglar, you might imagine someone dressed down in black with a ski mask on, but that’s […]

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