Boost Your Home Security Before Vacation: Part 2

Is it about time to head somewhere warmer for spring break? Maybe you’re visiting family over the summer while the kids are out of school. Either way, it’s time to look at some more ways to keep your property safe while you’re away from home. It’s time to boost your home security!

In our last article, we talked about getting outside help and setting the stage. This time, we have some different angles for you.

Giveaways That are Overlooked

When you’re on vacation, burglars will notice if you leave any giveaways behind. If a homeowner doesn’t know what to plan for, there are signs of their absence. What are they? Here are some common ones.

  • Backed up mail is a sure sign that someone’s not home. Nothing says ‘out of town’ like an overflowing mailbox. It’s also worth noting not to order anything too soon before your trip. You don’t want a package showing up after you leave just to sit out on the porch all week.
  • Missing signs of life will give you away quickly! Burglars are notorious for scoping out a house before trying to break in. They like to know a household’s schedule to ensure they get away with their theft. If you usually leave your shoes on the front porch and suddenly they’re not there anymore, it’s clear you’re gone. If your grass is always kept short and it’s suddenly three times the length because of your extended trip, it’s a sign.
  • No one answering the door is another giveaway. One of the most common tactics for burglars is posing as salesmen or evangelists. Knocking on someone’s door with what seems like a purpose is a good way to see who’s home. If no one answers, it gives a thief free reign to try the knob. Here’s hoping you’ve got yours locked!


For every dilemma, there’s sure to be a home security solution. Let’s start with your mail problem. Most people get mail of some kind. Maybe it’s not the mail you really wish you were getting, but store ads and junk mail are enough to warn a burglar you’re gone. After all, you’re not there to stuff them immediately into the trash anymore.

There are a couple solutions to this. For one, you can contact your local post office and ask them to hold your mail until the day you return. An easy alternative to that is having family or a neighbor come grab your mail for you from the box. They can hold on to it themselves until your return.

As for those missing shoes by the door, and the too-long grass, those are easy. Put some shoes you don’t plan on taking with you out on the porch. The lawn is as easy as hiring someone ahead of time to cut your grass on a set date. That’s a great job for one of those teen relatives you have who are looking for some quick spending money!

But how do you resolve an issue like no one being present to answer the door? This one can go a couple of ways. Either you hire a house sitter, or you get a remote intercom. There are a number of ways you can connect your security to a phone or tablet these days. One of those ways is hooking your phone up to your home intercom. If you have one by the door, anyone trying to get your attention will end up talking to you. As far as they know, you’re right inside on the couch. This is a fantastic way to keep people from breaking into your home!.

For all of the home security risks we’re apt to taking in our everyday lives, Engineered Alarm Solutions is ready to find a fix! Give us a call with questions or concerns. If you’d like to check out more DIY security tips, try searching for other people’s methods on Youtube!

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