Solutions for High Security Areas

When you’re in charge of keeping a valuable part of a commercial building safe, you may be on the lookout for better solutions. Technology is always advancing. Therefore, there are ever improving security systems for those high security areas that need optimal guarding. Whether your space holds computers with sensitive information or a store room […]

Why Security Is Critical to Have in Department Stores

Being in charge of loss prevention, security, or upper management in a department store can come with a variety of responsibilities. One of the responsibilities is ensuring merchandise gets paid for and customers and employees alike remain safe. For many in this position, it seems like minimal security will do. The thing is, security is […]

What Are the Most Common Security Mistakes?

Whether you’re trying to keep your home secure or are protecting the assets of a business, security matters. Unfortunately, when dealing with security, there are bound to be mistakes. Mistakes can lead to disaster and disaster is costly. What are some of the most common security mistakes and how do we avoid them? Relying on […]

What Do You Do If There’s a Break-In While You’re Home?

So you’ve just gotten home from work and errands and you’re watching TV in the den. What would you do if you realized there was a break-in while you’re in the house? Many people would have no idea what to do. In such a scary situation, it’s important to have a plan of action. Engineered […]

Why It’s Necessary to Have a Smoke Detector

Many people take for granted the safety afforded them by a smoke detector. Most of the time, they go unnoticed and overlooked, hanging quietly from the ceiling and only gaining attention when their batteries need to be changed. Are they really all that important if we barely ever gain anything from them? The answer is […]

Improving Your Environment With Home Automation

Home automation is a huge improvement to anyone’s environment. It’s not just for rich people or fancy offices, it’s for you too! Home automation not only benefits homeowners by improving security and lowering utility costs, it’s also a life-altering improvement for elderly or disabled people. Let’s take a look at how home automation can make […]

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