The Most Popular Weak Points for Commercial Alarm Systems

Regardless of the type of business you own, burglars and criminals will always look for the easiest and most convenient way to break into your space. These are typically referred to as weak points that intruders look for. Understandably, they aren’t trying to break into large corporations, but instead, they focus on smaller businesses with […]

How To Know If Have A Good Alarm Monitoring System

As a business or property owner, locking your doors at the end of the day isn’t enough to deter crime, intruders or theft. The right commercial security system in Toronto can help keep you and your commercial property safe all day and all night long. But how do you know if your security system is […]

Types of Business Security Systems You Need This Year

Running your own business can be difficult, don’t let theft or break-ins make it even worse. You should focus on what you’re good at and leave your business security systems to the professionals. With commercial security systems in place, you can actually prevent disasters before they occur and do your work with ease. But how […]

Reasons You Need a Commercial Security System

Around the world, business owners lose money, valuable items and more due to theft, break-ins, unregulated temperatures causing spoiled inventory and more. But what if you had a way to prevent these things from happening before they even occur? With a customized commercial security system in place, one can have proper control over their business […]

Spots in Your Commercial Space That Need a Security Camera

With more vacant or less occupied commercial spaces in Toronto due to lockdown, it’s time to figure out a way to protect and watch over your business from home. Whether you own office space or a clothing store, commercial security cameras can help. With commercial security cameras in Toronto, you can watch, record and track […]

How Do Commercial Security Systems Work?

This year more than ever, you should be taking control and protecting your business or workspace. With the Toronto lockdown, there are more vacant buildings and commercial spaces than ever before, making it crucial to set up a commercial security system in order to keep your space protected. Whether you’ve made your decision on installing […]

A Home Automation System for the Holidays

The holiday season is an ideal time to consider installing a home automation system. In recent years, home automation has become a very popular option for homeowners, making life easier and more comfortable. And with today’s technologies, it’s really quite amazing. At Engineered Alarm Solutions, installing a home automation system means automating almost everything – […]

Do I Really Need a Security System?

Homeowners and renters would be truly astonished to see the statistics on home burglaries across Canada. Not surprisingly, many avoid thinking about a security system in Toronto until being personally affected – and that might be considered too little too late. Simply put, a security system will protect the family, roommates, and personal possessions. There’s […]

Why Your Smart Home Needs an Intercom System

Why Your Smart Home Needs an Intercom System Today, modern homes are an extension of the smart, connected lifestyles we lead. Cutting-edge technology has enabled the smart home where everything is automated and connected, be it your lighting, heating, sound or security systems. And one thing that takes your smart home to the next level […]

7 Reasons You Need a Home Automation System

7 Reasons You Need a Home Automation System Home automation systems are the new normal in modern homes. Whether you’ve just moved into a new home or are looking to upgrade your home security system, a home automation system can be vital for the protection of your loved ones and property. If you are wondering […]

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